Nationwide Warranty

McDermott Motors offers peace of mind with warranties far exceeding the industry standard. We do this in confidence of our abilities and gratitude of our customers.


We, the staff and technicians at McDermott Motors, have the utmost confidence in the quality of our parts and service. Our standard in-house warranty is 24-months/40,000 km.

If a client chooses to have a second line or economy part installed into the vehicle, the warranty will change on the product. Typical second line warranties are 12-months/24,000 km and 90-days/5,000 km.

Some services come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Included would be the replacement of shocks, struts, ball joints, and other front end and suspension items. The service advisor will inform you of the warranty specifications while discussing the repair estimate. 


Batteries carry a 3-year free replacement. Over the following 2 years, a prorated discount is applied, totaling 60 months of warranty. Alternators and starters also carry warranties, ranging from 1 year to Limited Lifetime.

All customers that have their vehicle’s oil and filter changed at McDermott Motors will, upon registering, receive 90 days of Road Side Assistance through Valvoline.

Extended Warranty

With a strong foundation in preventative maintenance, McDermott Motors is working with Valvoline’s Professional Series Services (VPS) to prevent problems before they happen. Our personal guarantee is reflected in our substantial extended warranties.

Services included in the extended warranty are: Automatic Transmission Service, Cooling System Service, Power Steering System Service, Driveline Front and Rear Differential Service, Driveline Manual Transmission Service, Transaxles and/or Transfer Case Service, Fuel Rail System Service, Engine Cleaning Service, and Brake Fluid Service.

Level One provides component protection up to $4,000.00 when the services are performed before 60,000.00 km and maintained according to the service program.

Level Two provides component protection up to $2,000.00 when the services are performed between 60,001 km and 80,000 km and maintained according to the service program.

Level Three provides component protection up to $1,000.00 when the services are performed between 80,001 km and 120,000 km and maintained according to the service program.

Valvoline does require a maintenance program in order to keep the warranty valid, but the warranty itself is at no cost to the customer. The only warranty related cost is the scheduled preventative maintenance services, which are solely designed to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance levels

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